Steel castings

KSD Trading AB has extensive experience of working with steel and castings. We have broad knowledge in casting and materials and offer high quality. Together we can discuss a solution for chemical and mechanical properties of steel goods.

What is steel castings?

Cast steel is a form of steel that is used in the manufacture of steel castings. Most steels can be cast, but cast steels are more difficult to cast as they have a higher melting temperature. The steel castings can in turn be heat-treated similar to forged and rolled steel. Other properties and strength are the same for cast steels as other steels. Steel castings can be used for the manufacture of materials for railways, armatus, turbine blades and wear parts for excavators and crushers.

In addition to this, we are constantly working to find new ways to reduce costs without affecting quality. Our product range consists of various products needed for production in a foundry. If you need help with purchasing optimization to reduce the cost of purchasing, we will help you. We are happy to tell you more about what we can do and deliver in steel castings - Contact us!