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We as a company are young , but we possess extensive experience and expertise in the foundry industry.
Contact us and we'll tell you more about what we can accomplish and deliver.

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Foundry supplies

We have a wide range of various products required for daily production in a foundry . Everything from scrap to the media for finishing.
We are constantly innovative and want to find new ways to reduce costs without sacrificing quality.


For us, no steel casting are to complicated. We are working closely with several precision foundries in Europe and we are supplying the material to the finished machined part . We also perform the desired surface treatment before delivery.

Optimization purchasers

Take advantage of our network and let us help you lower your purchasing costs for your foundry, while freeing up time for you. We can also offer you a more optimal logistics solution.


KSD jobbar hårt med att ha kunden i fokus. För vår del innebär det att vi snabbt kan avropa det som behövs. KSD sköter hela vårt inköp och har sänkt vår totala inköpskostnad markant. Detta sparar även en massa tid för oss nu när vi slipper jaga rätt leverantör till rätt pris.
Henrik Stenfelt Klafreströms Stålgjuteri AB